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Drum Circles

A drum circle is a group of people from a few to many arranged in a circle experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of drums and percussion instruments. The circle is a symbol of wholeness and integration, with the center of a circle understood to symbolize Spirit – the Source. Because a circle has no beginning and no end, the agreement to connect in a circle allows energy to circulate from one person to the next. No prior experience or instruments are necessary; D4L will provide instructions and instruments.


Drums Circles are applicable at:

  • Birthdays (ages 1-100+)

  • Weddings & anniversaries

  • Naming Ceremonies

  • Special needs children & adults

  • Church groups

  • Seniors

  • Retreats

  • Diversity training

  • Corporate team building

  • Women's/Men's Groups

  • Spirit/Full Moon celebrations

  • Just for Fun!




"The team building drum circle you facilitate has become a vital part of our week long program and the participants rave about it.  The drum circle helps our people to connect to themselves and to one another in a way that is primal and real and from the heart."


-Kirsten Clark, Director, Global Workforce Learning & Development

Save the Children 


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