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Are you:

Feeling stuck
Low self esteem

Interested in setting up your drum business
Drumming business not growing
Need promotional plan
Not in tune with your Divine Purpose
Stress, depressed or anxious
Drums 4 Life can assist you by:

Boosting your self confidence
Professional Development for stimulation
Assist in developing a successful Business Plan
D4L exercises and activities to promote wellness
Retreats to strengthen your focus
Spiritual counseling
Kojo Bey and his Associates have developed a Coaching program utilizing the drum, the elements, and lessons from years of professional drumming and African spirituality training. Depending on your needs, "Baba Kojo" can Coach you to success via:



Sessions will take place at a designated Awakening location: 

  • Rio Celeste - La Paz, Costa Rica 

  • Valley of Fire - Overton, NV

  • Ocean Breeze - Brenu Akyinim, Ghana

  • Oshun/Obba Waters - New Milford, CT


A Combination of drumming, the elements and Baba Kojo’s coaching lessons to create a business or personal plan for success for the client. Your Awakening will get you on the path of success while you enjoy the process. This can be done in as a 1, 2, or 3 day session.  Upon completion, the client will have a completed plan to accomplish their goals, a DVD reminder of their Awakening, and a scheduled follow up session with Baba Kojo.


Drum Coach

Sessions will be local and via video conferecing when applicable.  D4L Drum coaching is available to serve a variety of needs for each drummer or group of drummers.  Whether you are brand new to the drum or a veteran trying to make a living from your craft, D4L Coaches are well equipped to serve your needs.


Drum Coach Services include:

  • Drumming Techniques

  • Soloing

  • Repertoire development

  • Setting up your drum business

  • Securing your drum inventory 

  • Drum tuning, repair and enhancement training


Go to the D4L Booking page to get started on your plan for SUCCESS!




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